Pentagon eyes commercial 5G network integration into tactical systems

Pentagon eyes commercial 5G network integration into tactical systems

The US Department of Defense (DOD) is exploring potential technologies that would enable the US Armed Forces to field advanced tactical networks integrated with commercially developed 5G communications networks, linked via air-based relay nodes.

BSP 24524 IDR 17742The Beyond 5G Integrated Tactical Communication Networks programme is focused on leveraging device-to-device (D2D) or sidelink capabilities inherent in commercial and military 5G applications, to “offer multiple novel architectural options and system design opportunities”, for future tactical network systems, according to a request for solution (RFS) issued by the Pentagon.

DOD officials are poised to review and downselect industry prototype offerings for the programme by the end of June, according to the RFS issued on 25 May.

The critical capabilities being sought in the RFS include development of end-user network access to terrestrial and airborne communication infrastructures via “direct commercial 5G-enabled devices”, capable of receiving and transmitting internetwork data through 5G and non-5G radio interfaces across domains, programme officials said. On development of an airborne node element, department officials want to explore two variants of the capability.

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