Polaris Defense displays new version of its MRZR Alpha All-Terrain Vehicle with a crew cab

Polaris Defense displays new version of its MRZR Alpha All-Terrain Vehicle with a crew cab

At AUSA 2022, the Association of United States Army defense exhibition and conference, American company Polaris Government & Defense Vehicles displays a new version of its MRZR Alpha All-Terrain Vehicle fitted with a full cab enclosure and Arctic Mobility Kit allowing the vehicle to be fitted with track kit.

The Polaris MRZR Alpha was on display in an all-new configuration with a full cab enclosure for the first time at AUSA. Developed for U.S. Special Operations Command and U.S. Marine Corps, the new cab enclosure is part of an Arctic Mobility kit that also has a track system. Originally designed for enhanced Arctic and tundra mobility, the interchangeable elements of the cab enclosure and track kit can be mixed and matched for mission flexibility.

7c026ebf 6e57 4311 9213 a2881b1d8ba3The full cab and tracks expand the environments the MRZR Alpha can operate in and increase an already wide range of terrain for which it is well-suited. The MRZR Alpha is internally transportable via tactical air making it very expeditionary in nature, and the modularity of the Arctic Mobility Kit allows operators to do more with one asset, greatly reducing the logistics and maintenance burdens. The cab helps protect occupants from weather conditions and environmental elements. The track conversion kit replaces each wheel with a separate track assembly, maintaining the same level of maneuverability while adding another level of off-road, all-terrain capability over snow, soft soil, and mixed terrain.

The MRZR Alpha is Polaris’ 11th military vehicle produced in 12 years. Designed on an all-new chassis, the MRZR Alpha is an entirely new breed of light tactical vehicle. Internally transportable vehicles have restrictions to size and weight, but Polaris’ investment and advances in chassis, driveline, suspension, and other technologies have allowed the company to provide a new level of durability, performance, and payload in the MRZR Alpha.

The MRZR Alpha is a new generation of all-terrain vehicles that fulfills an evolving and expanding mission set for special operations and expeditionary forces. The vehicle is more powerful and more capable than any other family of vehicles ever developed in this class.

MRZR Alpha’s versatility is further enhanced by expanded exportable power. Since their introduction, MRZRs have been outfitted with counter-unmanned aerial systems, direct-fire weapons, high-energy laser systems, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems, tactical aviation ground refueling system, expeditionary command and control systems, autonomy packages, litters for casualty evacuation and communication equipment.

With a high-performance 8-speed transmission, a max 2000 lb payload capacity, a more durable chassis and upgraded suspension, the MRZR Alpha can handle almost any terrain and mission put in its path. It can run at a maximum speed of 96km/h with a maximum cruising range of 362 km.

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