Defexpo 2022: Mahindra upgrades LSVs with 81/120 mm mortars

Defexpo 2022: Mahindra upgrades LSVs with 81/120 mm mortars

Indian company Mahindra Defence Systems Ltd (MDSL) has showcased 4×4 Light Specialist Vehicles (LSVs) with 81/120 mm mortars at Defexpo 2022, being held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, from 18 to 22 October.

изображение 2022 10 21 135441919According to MDSL, the LSVs with 81/120 mm mortars are high-mobility, high-firepower, shoot-and-scoot vehicles.

LSVs with 81/120 mm mortars, which MDSL claims to be the world’s lightest mortar carrier system, provides high-mobility capabilities to fighting units.

The vehicles are equipped with an electro-mechanical aiming system to provide a fast and accurate orientation mechanism, MDSL said.

LSVs with 81/120 mm mortar software incorporate geographic information system technology and features such as zonal shooting and multiple rounds.

The vehicle is equipped with simultaneous impact functions to facilitate operations and increase the firepower effect over the target.

LSVs with 81/120 mm mortars also integrate a fire-control system.

The vehicle can deploy the mortar and aim the target in 30 seconds and re-aim it automatically in five seconds.

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