Saab to provide support to Swedish army GBAD Ground Based Air Defence systems

Saab to provide support to Swedish army GBAD Ground Based Air Defence systems

Saab has received an order from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration for the continued support of the Swedish Armed Forces’ Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) systems. The order value is approximately SEK 170 million and the order was booked in Q4 2022.

042b48e2 bcd8 4e1b 9040 b41dfa40b8c9The contract period is 2023-2025 with options for another three years. The work will take place at Saab’s sites in Halmstad, Växjö and Gothenburg, Sweden, as well at on-site at the customer. “By providing continued support, we contribute to ensuring the readiness of Swedish ground-based air defence systems and that the Armed Forces can continue to keep Sweden’s airspace safe,” says Michael Olofsson, head of Saab’s business unit Tactical Support Solutions.

Saab has provided support for the Swedish Armed Forces’ GBAD systems for more than 60 years. The support currently includes the missile systems RBS 70 and RBS 90 as well as the ground-based radars Giraffe AMB and Giraffe 75. Saab also handles support for the RBS 97 in addition to command and control systems and software.

The success of a Ground Based Air Defence mission requires complete situational awareness and efficient coordination of available resources. Air threats range from low flying, slow and small drones to fast moving fighters and missiles. These threats may appear in conventional war situations, usually in combination with hiding and misleading Electronic Counter Measures, as well as in other military operations. Saab provides complete in-house systems including sensors, command & control capabilities and missile systems, as well as separate GBAD components.

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