ASELSAN Exhibits its Counter-torpedo solution at PIMEC

ASELSAN Exhibits its Counter-torpedo solution at PIMEC

Turkish Defence Company ASELSAN, which provides combat systems for four platforms ASFAT builds for Pakistan Navy, exhibits its naval solutions at Pakistan International Maritime Expo & Conference (PIMEC) in Karachi.

81416864 a2cd 4e8c 818b 100aa11bd716ASELSAN has ZOKA counter-torpedo solutions for navies. ZOKA effectors can operate against any torpedo threat with acoustic homing capability, regardless of whether that capability is active, passive, or a combination. Both the HIZIR-Torpedo Countermeasure System for Surface Ships and the ZARGANA-Torpedo Countermeasure System for Submarines use ZOKA effectors. These ZOKA effectors come in the form of jammers and decoys.

Jammers known as ZOKA send out a wide band of high-level noise to saturate all existing torpedoes’ acoustic operating frequency bands. In this way, jammers mask the noise of submarines against active torpedoes and reduce the detection range of echo signals reflecting from the submarine by increasing the noise level against passive torpedoes.

ZOKA decoys are designed to trick and confound the torpedo by simulating the acoustic and dynamic qualities of the platform, and they draw the torpedo to themselves in the process. Receiving and sending functions are handled by two distinct sections in ZOKA decoys. The decoy is equipped with a hydrophone, which is towed behind it. Due to the fact that the receive and transmit units are physically separate from one another, the decoy can perform noise generation and echo generation of active torpedo pulses simultaneously.

ZOKA decoys and jammers have proven to be a useful combination to counter the threat posed by acoustic torpedoes. ZOKA effectors can be launched from surface ship launchers, submarine signal ejectors, and submarine outboard launchers. Their lengths range from a few inches to several feet, and they can move freely in either the vertical or horizontal plane.

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