IDEX 2023: Gürbag Defence Technologies displays GIDS Intelligent Defence System

IDEX 2023: Gürbag Defence Technologies displays GIDS Intelligent Defence System

Gürbağ Defence Technologies (GST), which started its operations in the field of the defence industry in 2020, launched the GST Intelligent Defence System (GIDS) during SAHA Expo held between 25 October and 28 October 2022. GIDS is composed of a radar, electro-optics, hydrogen-propelled launcher and communication systems mounted on a trailer.

a85000ab f65b 4081 a288 e1a5c80c41d8Thanks to the original software developed by Gürbağ Defence Technologies, the system, which can automatically detect, diagnose and track asymmetric targets, is capable of firing fixed-wing ammunition and similar precision-guided ammunition through its launcher. Thus, the GIDS Intelligent Defense System offers its user an integrated solution ranging from target detection to destruction.

The most critical feature of GIDS, which can transfer target data obtained through radar and electro-optical payloads to the command-control center, is hidden in its launcher system. Conventional launcher systems, which are generally operated by means of a blast, either have a single-shot life or require maintenance after each shot. A hydrogen-fed propulsion system is used in the launcher of the GIDS System developed by Gürbağ Defence Technologies. Thanks to this propulsion system, launchers can be used multiple times after the ammunition has been fired and the ammunition is exposed to much less shock, thus eliminating the risk of possible malfunctions.

Thanks to its innovation, Gürbağ Defence Technologies, which has managed to instantly produce hydrogen with low energy consumption and use the produced hydrogen as a propellant, is breathing new life into the battlefield through to innovative GIDS System. The logistical workload of military units will be reduced, while at the same time, saving significant time and money thanks to launchers that can be used multiple times.

Gürbağ Defense Technologies, which has already completed the production of a prototype of the GIDS System, which can launch fixed-wing ammunition, continues working on GIDS configurations capable of launching different ammunitions. The GIDS System is scheduled to be made available to security forces this year.

About Gürbağ Defence Technologies

Ankara-based Gürbağ Defense Technologies, which started its operations in 2020 under the umbrella of the Gürbağ Group, develops engineering solutions in the defence industry. Developing design and engineering solutions meeting international standards by using its advanced software, electronic, and mechanical design capabilities, Gürbağ Defence Technologies is cooperating with other companies at national and international levels. Continuing its operations by putting excellence and efficiency at the heart of its working model, the company constantly improves its technological infrastructure and stands out as a cross-border solution partner thanks to its qualified people.

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