Oshkosh Defense secures $57 Million US Army contract to produce EHETS trailers for M1 Abrams Tanks

Oshkosh Defense secures $57 Million US Army contract to produce EHETS trailers for M1 Abrams Tanks

On July 18, 2023, the US Army awarded Oshkosh Defense a $57 million contract to produce 116 Enhanced Heavy Equipment Transporter System (EHETS) trailers. These trailers are primarily intended for the transportation of current and future versions of the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank (MBT) and other tracked vehicles weighing between 82 and 90 tons.

3eOn September 26, 20222, Oshkosh Defense announced that it was awarded a five-year contract by the US Army to produce Enhanced Heavy Equipment Transporter System (EHETS) trailers for an estimated value of $263.2 Million.

The Enhanced Heavy Equipment Transporter System (EHETS) comprises a HET A1 M1300 tractor and an EHETS eight-axle M1302 trailer capable of worldwide transportation. The EHETS can self-load and unload disabled vehicular cargo for evacuation purposes. This system is designed to provide line haul, local haul, and maintenance evacuation of heavy tracked vehicles during tactical operations on primary and secondary roads globally.

The Oshkosh M1070 tractor is an 8×8 tank transporter tractor widely used by the U.S. Army and other military forces. It is designed to deploy and evacuate various heavy vehicles and equipment, such as tanks, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled artillery, and armored bulldozers.

Manufactured by Oshkosh Corporation, the truck offers several variants to meet specific operational needs, including the M1070A0, M1070A1, M1070F, M1300, HET A1, and Global HET A1.

The A0 and A1 versions are coupled with the DRS Technologies M1000 semi-trailer. The M1070F is the British Army’s tank transporter, based on the M1070E1 model.

The M1300 is a variant with reduced and relocated weight, specifically developed to meet European Union standards and achieve European road permits. It features enhancements that allow it to transport heavier loads, with projected payloads of up to 90 tonnes. This involved the development of a new multi-axle semi-trailer.

Oshkosh Defense introduced the HET A1 and Global HET A1 as alternative configurations to the M1070A1, featuring three axles instead of four. It has been selected for specific military requirements, including the transport of heavy semi-trailers carrying the Jobaria Multiple Launch Rocket System.

Both the Oshkosh Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) A1 and the Global HET A1 utilize a 700-horsepower Caterpillar C18 engine, an Allison 4800SP transmission, and a single-speed Oshkosh 30000 Series transfer case. Additionally, both variants are equipped with two 55,000 lbs. winches to ensure efficient transport and minimize strain on heavy equipment. Both models feature a 6-person, air-conditioned cab and adhere to Long-Term Armor Strategy (LTAS) standards.

The HET A1 is specifically designed to transport the 70-ton M1 Abrams main battle tank, incorporating features such as a higher capacity front suspension, electrical upgrades, and improved diagnostics. In contrast, the Global HET A1 complies with relevant European road regulations, similar to the previous M1300, including Euro III engine compliance. With an increased payload capacity of 72 tons (65,317 kg), it facilitates the transportation of heavy combat vehicles, equipment, tanks, and self-propelled artillery systems.

The M1302 trailer used by the EHETS features eight axles, providing increased capacity compared to the five axles of the M1000 trailer used with the M1070. It is designed to handle heavy loads, with a payload capacity of 85 tons. The trailer includes features such as an adjustable gooseneck, hydraulic ramps, and a diesel engine Auxiliary Power Unit that powers the gooseneck, steering, and suspension hydraulic systems.

The M1302 trailer also includes 32 tires and a spare, a load-leveling hydraulic suspension that operates independently from side to side, and ten suspension supports for additional reinforcement. The trailer utilizes a two-line, straight-air brake system with spring-actuated park and emergency features. It is equipped with Michelin radial tires (size 215x75R17.5) and has a pivoting gooseneck with hydraulic and load-compensating capabilities. The 3.5-inch diameter kingpin, adhering to the U.S./NATO Heavy Duty Standard, is removable for convenience.

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