Delivery of two new Fırtına Self-Propelled Howitzers to Turkish land forces

Delivery of two new Fırtına Self-Propelled Howitzers to Turkish land forces

On August 25th, the Turkish land forces received two new-generation Fırtına howitzers as part of the “Yeni Nesil T-155 Kundağı Motorlu (K/M) Fırtına Obüs Tedariki Projesi” (New Generation T-155 Self-Propelled Fırtına Howitzer Supply Project). This project, initiated to meet the specific needs of the Turkish Army, plans to deliver four of these howitzers in 2023. The first two have already been inspected and accepted.7153e8f4 f0a9 4c97 a46e b7be8ee3f3bb

Turkey has long been striving to develop its own military-industrial complex, and the delivery of two Fırtına self-propelled howitzers further demonstrates Turkey’s ability to develop and produce indigenous military equipment. The Fırtına is the result of cooperation between South Korea and Turkey, as it is based on the chassis of the K9 “Thunder”.

The Fırtına is a self-propelled artillery vehicle designed and produced in Turkey, equipped with a 155mm/52 caliber cannon. This artillery piece is capable of delivering formidable firepower and is complemented by a 12.7mm caliber machine gun, providing defense against light threats and short-range targets.

It is designed to withstand small caliber 14.5mm shots and shell splinters, ensuring the safety of its five-person crew. The Fırtına is in service in several countries, including Turkey and Azerbaijan. It weighs 47,000 kg and has a maximum speed of 67 km/h.

The Turkish self-propelled howitzer features a computerized fire control system, GPS navigation, NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection, and night vision. These advanced systems enhance firing accuracy, survivability, and mobility. As for its operational range, the Fırtına has an operational range of 350 to 400 km.

The delivery of these two howitzers marks a significant milestone in the broader project to modernize the Turkish armed forces. It also underscores Turkey’s commitment to developing a robust national defense industry capable of meeting the specific and evolving needs of its armed forces.

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