Rheinmetall supplies Norway with Mission Master XT UGV suitable for hostile Nordic conditions

Rheinmetall supplies Norway with Mission Master XT UGV suitable for hostile Nordic conditions

Rheinmetall has supplied Norway with its very first Rheinmetall Mission Master XT, an extreme-terrain unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) capable of thriving in sub-zero temperatures. The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (the prime institution responsible for defence-related research and development in Norway) awarded Rheinmetall the contract after it won a competitive bid with challenging mobility and schedule requirements.204e34db 92a0 42b6 ad95 4b1b0aa697fe

This contract comes just months after Rheinmetall took part in the Artic Mobility Trials in Finland, where the autonomy and mobility of the Rheinmetall Mission Master XT were put to the test. Despite a challenging environment and -30°C weather conditions, the vehicle successfully navigated through icy rivers and climbed up slippery banks.

“We are proud to have developed systems that can withstand some of the world’s harshest conditions. These recent trials have proven that we are in a strong position to meet the needs of Nordic countries that face similar challenges to us here in Canada,” stated Alain Tremblay, vice president for business development and innovation at Rheinmetall Canada.

Developed by Rheinmetall Canada in 2021, the Rheinmetall Mission Master XT can tackle ice and snow, as well as sandy, rocky and mountainous topography. Its advanced amphibious capabilities allow it to float and swim while maintaining its full payload capacity. Weighing in at 2,217 kg, this powerful A-UGV can carry a 1000 kg payload, allowing troops to transport special equipment to hard-to-reach locations. The diesel-powered engine allows it to travel 750 km without refuelling, while internal batteries enable up to 6 hours of silent watch operations. Another key feature of the Rheinmetall Mission Master XT is its high-performance continuous tyre inflation system, which adjusts the tire pressure according to the terrain.

Like other platforms in the Rheinmetall Mission Master family, the XT vehicle is driven by Rheinmetall PATH, an AI-powered navigation system that can be installed on any vehicle. This agnostic suite of advanced sensors and perception algorithms enables Mission Master vehicles to navigate autonomously through challenging environments, while keeping soldiers out of harm’s way. The Rheinmetall Canada team took part in the Norwegian Army Technology Days 2023 on August 23 and 24, where it delivered a presentation on “How to speed up the adoption of and trust towards UGVs”.

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