Malaysia buys newest Turkish anti-tank missiles

Malaysia buys newest Turkish anti-tank missiles

Turkish defense firm Roketsan has secured a contract to supply 108 Karaok anti-tank missiles to Malaysia, marking the first export agreement for the Karaok system.

NJThough details regarding the contract’s worth and potential competitors remain undisclosed, the Defense News reported that the contract price is around $20 million.

The Karaok anti-tank guided system is a versatile and portable solution designed for day and night operations, thanks to its advanced Imaging Infrared Seeker.

The Karaok anti-tank guided system, with its 125mm diameter and lightweight design, weighing less than 16 kilograms, shares some similarities with the Javelin, a widely recognized anti-tank missile system used by various military forces worldwide.

These modern anti-tank systems prioritize mobility, ease of operation, and precision, providing troops with highly effective tools for countering armored threats.

The Karaok “fire-and-forget” anti-tank guided missile represents a formidable addition to Malaysia’s defense inventory. Its adaptability in following both top attack and direct attack flightpaths provides the Malaysian Armed Forces with an effective tool for various combat scenarios.

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