DSEI 2023: Rheinmetall presents advanced digitalized battlefield system solutions

DSEI 2023: Rheinmetall presents advanced digitalized battlefield system solutions

Rheinmetall, a prominent systems integrator in the defense sector, is showcasing its expertise in networking and battlefield digitalization at DSEI 2023. Their approach is focused on enhancing situational awareness and eliminating the “fog of war” by seamlessly integrating sensors, effectors, and advanced human-machine interfaces.

a5f46ab5 5f08 455e 97f2 0da3bab2399bRheinmetall’s journey toward battlefield digitalization begins with individual combat vehicles, including the Leopard 2 main battle tank, Challenger 3 MBT, and the Lynx family of infantry fighting vehicles. As the original equipment manufacturer for the fire control units of these vehicles, Rheinmetall leverages digital architectures such as the General Vehicle Architecture of NATO (AGVOTAN) to seamlessly integrate new sensors and subsystems, eliminating the need for additional displays or control consoles.

Visitors to the Rheinmetall stand at DSEI 2023 have the opportunity to observe the practical implications of a fully digitalized battlefield. These advanced combat vehicles enable their crews to benefit from enhanced situational awareness, expanded sensory capabilities, and rapid access to critical information. This comprehensive view, enriched by data from different sensors and friendly elements, facilitates rapid transitions from alert mode to countermeasure mode. At the heart of this system is the Panoramic Situational Awareness System (SAS), which continuously collects and organizes data. Artificial intelligence processes this information, providing insights beyond human capabilities, resulting in a transparent battlefield for more effective decision-making.

Rheinmetall further strengthens situational awareness by integrating unmanned aerial reconnaissance systems into vehicle platforms. This integration allows vehicle crews to conduct reconnaissance operations without leaving the safety of their armored compartments. Various sizes and ranges of advanced reconnaissance UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have been seamlessly integrated into both manned and unmanned combat vehicles on display at DSEI 2023. This innovation ensures that real-time information can be shared on the network, promoting collaboration on the battlefield.

Rheinmetall’s contributions extend beyond vehicles and robotics to encompass soldier systems, network solutions and C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence) systems. At DSEI 2023, Rheinmetall is also showcasing the Gladius 2.0 Soldier System in various configurations, highlighting their compatibility with piloted and unmanned systems and subsystems. This integration ensures seamless communication and coordination between Soldiers, vehicles and equipment.

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