KNDS, Elbit Systems to jointly build next-gen rocket artillery system

KNDS, Elbit Systems to jointly build next-gen rocket artillery system

The European leader in land defense KNDS and international defense electronics company Elbit Systems have signed a teaming agreement to develop a new rocket artillery system jointly.

ce94a5e9 5ee7 4f01 b771 0b7f54e30876According to a press release from Elbit Systems, the agreement, which comes shortly after the signing of an MOU between both companies, realizes, formalizes and implements the strategic cooperation for the next generation rocket artillery system – EuroPULS.

EuroPULS synergetically combines capabilities from KNDS as a systems house with those of the technology group Elbit Systems. It will form the basis for a modularly scalable and flexible artillery system that can be integrated to fire from any mobility platform with pinpoint accuracy and safety. The open EuroPULS concept does not exclude any provider of respective missiles from cooperation enabling EuroPULS users to employ those.

The transformation of the established Elbit PULS artillery rocket system into the flexible EuroPULS system is being carried out using the unique European capabilities of lead system integrator KNDS. Key success factors for transformation are KNDS’s modular fire control system and the modular architecture of the Elbit’s launcher. Morever, the EuroPULS system will provide capabilities to fire the full spectrum of Elbit’s precision-guided and training rocket artillery munitions from any mobility platform.

The Teaming Agreement enables stronger cooperation and synergy between the companies, as well as the transfer of technology to KNDS for the local production and work share for the launcher and integration into the German and European fire control systems, utilizing the unique system architecture and integration capabilities offered by KNDS.

The performance and quality of cooperation between the two companies was demonstrated with the presentation of the first EuroPULS demonstrator at Future Artillery 2023.

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