Ethiopia unveils new Russian-made electronic warfare system

Ethiopia unveils new Russian-made electronic warfare system

Ethiopia recently showcased its state-of-the-art weapons and defense systems during a military parade for the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF), revealing a new addition to its arsenal – the Krasukha-4 electronic warfare (EW) system of Russian origin.

ZThe Krasukha-4 is a sophisticated EW system with the ability to significantly disrupt enemy electronics and radar systems.

A complete Krasukha-4 system comprises two vehicles, both mounted on the robust 8×8 KAMAZ-6350 truck chassis. One of these vehicles carries the electronic warfare (EW) system itself, while the other houses the essential command post module.

Russian officials have previously claimed that the Krasukha-4 can effectively identify and jam a wide range of radar systems. This capability includes surveillance radars, airborne radar imaging sensors, as well as active radar seekers and altimeters commonly found in missiles. The Krasukha-4’s jamming system is known for its ability to emit powerful radio frequency (RF) energy beams, which are potent enough to physically damage sensitive electronic systems on certain targets.

According to Russian state media, the Krasukha-4 EW boasts a formidable operational range against both ground-based and aerial targets. Depending on various environmental factors, this system can disrupt enemy electronics and radar systems at a distance ranging from 150 to 300 kilometers (approximately 93 to 186 miles) in any direction. This adaptability ensures its effectiveness in diverse combat situations, providing Ethiopia with a significant advantage on the battlefield.

Ethiopia’s adoption of the Krasukha-4 underscores its determination to leverage advanced electronic warfare capabilities to bolster national security.

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