ASELSAN showcases Tolun-IIR precision-guided munition at WDS 2024

ASELSAN showcases Tolun-IIR precision-guided munition at WDS 2024

At the World Defense Show 2024 (WDS 2024) exhibition in Saudi Arabia, ASELSAN showcases the Tolun-IIR guidance bomb that leverages advanced GPS, INS, and IIR technologies to deliver precise strikes against targets up to 80 km away.

Developed by ASELSAN, a key entity under the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, the TOLUN-IIR precision-guided munition stands out for its integration of advanced GPS, INS (Inertial Navigation System), and IIR (Imaging Infrared) guidance technologies. This smart weapon system is engineered to deliver high-precision strikes against both static and moving targets over distances up to 43 Nautical Miles (approximately 80 kilometers), ensuring accuracy and reliability even in challenging weather conditions. A notable feature of the Tolun-IIR is its man-in-the-loop capability through a POD system, which keeps the pilot engaged by transmitting real-time imagery from the IIR seeker for precise target selection and updating. This capability is crucial for minimizing collateral damage in urban combat scenarios.

The munition’s guidance system, enhanced with a CRPA Antijam antenna, offers robust resistance to electronic jamming, highlighting its suitability for modern warfare environments where electronic warfare capabilities are essential. The Tolun-IIR can be mounted on the Smart Pneumatic Quad Rack (SPQR), allowing for efficient engagement of single or multiple targets. After release, its folded wings deploy to extend range, supported by retarding diamond-shaped canards that improve aerodynamics and control.

With a maximum range of up to 80 km and capable of reaching altitudes of 40,000 feet (MSL), the Tolun-IIR has a Circular Error Probable (CEP) of less than 3 meters, showcasing its high delivery accuracy. Weighing 120 kg, with a diameter of 185 mm and a length of 1800 mm, it is compatible with a variety of platforms including the F-16, Akıncı UAV, and the TF-X fighter jet.

ASELSAN, established in 1975, is a prominent Turkish corporation that ranks as one of the top defense contractors globally. It is a key player in the development and production of high-tech defense and security systems. As part of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, ASELSAN specializes in a wide array of products, including communication systems, radar and electronic warfare systems, electro-optics, avionics, defense and weapon systems, and command and control systems.

Despite facing challenges such as dependency on foreign technology for critical components and geopolitical tensions, Türkiye is committed to overcoming these obstacles through sustained investment in research and development, thereby strengthening its position in the international defense industry.

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