WDS 2024: ASELSAN showcases GÜRZ Hybrid Gun-Missile Air Defense System

WDS 2024: ASELSAN showcases GÜRZ Hybrid Gun-Missile Air Defense System

At the World Defense Show (WDS) 2024, the Turkish company ASELSAN is showcasing its latest innovation in air defense technology: the GÜRZ air defense system. This cutting-edge system, mounted on Anadolu Isuzu’s Seyit 8×8 truck platform, represents a leap forward in the capabilities and flexibility of air defense solutions.

The GÜRZ system integrates a formidable arsenal, including a 35mm cannon and four BOZDOĞAN or GÖKDOĞAN air defense missiles, offering a versatile response to aerial threats. Key to its operation is a Fire Control Radar paired with a 4-array Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, enhancing target acquisition and tracking capabilities.

Türkiye’s air defense architecture has traditionally relied on separate systems for low-altitude defense, including the MAR search radar on the AIC or HİSAR-A and fire control radars KORKUT vehicles. ASELSAN’s new hybrid system consolidates these capabilities onto a single platform, offering both search and fire control radar functionalities. This integration allows for comprehensive coverage across multiple defense layers, previously managed by the HİSAR-A and KORKUT systems separately.

The hybrid air defense system’s unified platform approach not only simplifies the operational framework but also enhances mobility and deployment speed, critical for protecting vital areas and convoys. By covering multiple defense layers simultaneously, ASELSAN’s innovation offers a strategic advantage in modern air defense, emphasizing rapid response and adaptability in a volatile security environment.

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