MBDA secures export order for portable missile system Enforcer

MBDA secures export order for portable missile system Enforcer

The German division of MBDA has secured an export order for its versatile portable missile system, Enforcer, as announced by a spokesperson for MBDA to Hartpunkt magazine. This breakthrough comes shortly after MBDA Germany began mass production of the Enforcer missile system for the German armed forces, thus marking a significant milestone with its first international order.

The spokesperson confirmed the signing of the first export contract for the Enforcer missile system but declined to reveal the identity of the buyer or the details regarding the size and cost of the order. It was also mentioned that the ordered missile system includes the Dynahawk Hensoldt targeting system, the same configuration as supplied to the Bundeswehr.

The Enforcer missile is a lightweight portable missile system designed by MBDA. This system stands out for its “fire-and-forget” approach, allowing operators to launch the missile without having to maintain a line of sight with the target, which offers greater mobility and reduces risk to the user. Primarily developed for airborne troops, the Enforcer aims to provide an effective solution for the rapid and precise engagement of targets at distances up to 2000 meters. With significant range and precise striking capability, the system is suited to address various combat scenarios, including engaging armored targets or fortifications.

Weighing about twelve kilograms, of which two are for the sighting system, the Enforcer is light enough to be carried and operated by a single person. The missile itself, with an 89 mm caliber, weighs seven kilograms and is equipped with a dual-mode seeker, combining infrared and television sensors. This technology allows the operator to choose between different guidance modes and explosive charge initiation methods, thus offering significant operational flexibility. The ability to fire from confined spaces without significant risk to the operator makes the Enforcer particularly suited to urban environments or situations where maneuver space is limited.

MBDA highlights the precision and reliability of the Enforcer, with tests demonstrating its ability to hit precise targets at considerable distances. The system has been designed to meet the needs of modern forces, offering a combination of efficiency, portability, and ease of use that makes it valuable on the contemporary battlefield. In summary, the Enforcer represents a significant advancement in portable missile technology, providing armed forces with an increased capability for precise long-distance strikes while maintaining the mobility and safety of the operator.

Pending further information on this contract, demonstration videos have shown the system hitting a 2×2 meter target from 1500 meters, thus demonstrating its precision and effectiveness in combat scenarios.

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