Turkish Army receives upgraded M60T tanks

Turkish Army receives upgraded M60T tanks

The first batch of upgraded M60T tanks was officially handed over to the command of the Turkish Land Forces on 10 February.

The official ceremony, attended by key defense officials, including Defense Industry Chief Gorgun, Deputy Defense Minister Tyufekchi, and Ground Forces Commander Bayraktaroglu, underscored the strategic importance of the modernization initiative. The incorporation of domestically produced electronic systems has been hailed as a step towards achieving greater self-reliance and autonomy in Turkey’s defense sector.

The M60T tanks, upgraded versions of the American M60A3 tank, have undergone extensive enhancements as part of the addition of capabilities to the Tanks-M60T project. Spearheaded by Turkey’s defense industry the modernization effort aims to bolster the combat effectiveness and operational capabilities of Turkey’s armored forces.

The FIRAT Modernization Project has equipped the M60T tanks with advanced features, enhancing their performance and survivability on the battlefield. Through the integration of cutting-edge electronic systems, these upgraded tanks are poised to meet the evolving challenges of modern warfare, ensuring the Turkish Armed Forces remain agile, adaptive, and well-equipped to defend the nation’s interests.

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