BAE Systems to equip new EA-37B jets with advanced EW systems

BAE Systems to equip new EA-37B jets with advanced EW systems

BAE Systems has secured a contract to supply advanced electromagnetic warfare (EW) mission systems for aircraft 7-10 in the U.S. Air Force’s expanding fleet of EA-37B aircraft.

The next-generation Baseline 4 mission systems will offer potent, long-range electromagnetic attack capabilities, aimed at disrupting and suppressing the enemy’s use of the electromagnetic spectrum for critical functions such as communications, navigation, and air defense.

According to Duane Beaulieu, Compass Call technical director at BAE Systems, “The EA-37B’s unique and exquisite EW capabilities make it a powerful asset for the U.S. Air Force and coalition forces. As the EA-37B fleet comes on line, the Air Force will be better equipped to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum.”

The Compass Call program serves as the Department of Defense’s sole long-range, full-spectrum stand-off electromagnetic warfare jamming platform. As part of a fleet modernization effort, 14 EC-130H Compass Call aircraft are being replaced with 10 upgraded EA-37B aircraft. These modernized airframes will enhance mission readiness and offer improvements in speed, altitude, endurance, and survivability.

BAE Systems has a long history of providing Compass Call mission systems, continually advancing the technology to address contemporary threats. The company has also adapted the hardware for integration onto the smaller EA-37B airframe. The first EA-37B aircraft was delivered to the U.S. Air Force in September, with the platform currently undergoing developmental and operational testing.

The primary objective of the Compass Call mission is to disrupt enemies’ command and control capabilities, combat systems, and intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeting (C5ISRT) capabilities.

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