France expands Rafale fighter jet production

France expands Rafale fighter jet production

French aviation company Dassault is ramping up production of its modern Rafale fighter jets due to a significant increase in orders.

According to reports from La Tribune, the company aims to reach a production rate of 3 Rafale aircraft per month in 2024. This step is driven by a substantial portfolio of export orders and domestic contracts placed by the French Armed Forces.

Following a surge in Rafale orders (18 in 2024, 60 in 2023, and 92 in 2022), Dassault Aviation has geared up to accelerate the production pace of the tricolor combat aircraft.

“We are transitioning to producing 3 aircraft per month from a rate that was lower by units in 2020 when production was stagnant,” explained Eric Trappier, CEO of Dassault Aviation.

Despite sluggish production rates from 2022 through the end of 2023, Dassault secured orders for the production of 211 Rafale fighter jets. Among these, 141 will be exported, while 70 are designated for the French Armed Forces.

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