British Army Renews Contract with Saab for Enhanced Live Training Capability

British Army Renews Contract with Saab for Enhanced Live Training Capability

The British Army has enteredinto a new contract with Saab, reinforcing its commitment to simulation technology for military training. Valued at £60 million, this initial three-year agreement with the UK Ministry of Defence will support live simulation systems employing ILT-D (Instrumented Live Training) technology. With extension options available until 2030, this contract replaces the previous DFWES (Direct Fire Weapon Effect Simulator) agreement.

The ILT-D technology integrates high-fidelity systems that combine laser and geometric technologies to simulate both direct and indirect fire effects. This data-enriched capability offers objective feedback, which is utilized to enhance the After Action Review (AAR) process and validate training outcomes.

The contract also includes substantial investment to extend the lifespan of this capability, ensuring it meets the evolving training requirements of the British Army while addressing obsolescence issues and maintaining interoperability with allied nations through the adoption of Saab’s latest hardware and software.

Support will continue at permanent Collective Training sites in both the UK and Germany, as well as at the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick, the Infantry Battle School in Brecon, and the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines.

James Passmore, VP Director of Marketing and Sales at Saab UK, highlighted the ongoing collaboration with the British Army, now marking 30 years. Simon Pearce, Training and Simulation Systems Portfolio Leader at Defence Equipment & Support emphasized the critical role of this partnership in meeting the complex strategic training demands of the British Army, particularly in anticipation of the Collective Training Transformation Programme.

Saab’s live simulation systems, central to interoperability and deployability, continue to expand their global user base. The British Army has recently deployed these systems worldwide, including in exercises in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Kenya, Oman, Jordan, Cyprus, and Germany.

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