KDNS France unveils new upgrade of French Leclerc Tank recovery vehicle DLCR

KDNS France unveils new upgrade of French Leclerc Tank recovery vehicle DLCR

KNDS France (KMW + Nexter Defense Systems) has unveiled the latest evolution of the (Dépanneur de char lecler rénové – ) Leclerc Tank recovery version. This vehicle aimed to provide assistance and recovery to the French Leclerc battle tank. in use, it’s the real mobile garage. the DLCR can traction system but crew and material for minor repairs in the field. However, the last version was particularly old and unadapted to modern conflicts.

As presented on X account @KNDS_France, The DCLR boasts a suite of advanced features aimed at ensuring the safety and effectiveness of recovery missions. At the heart of its capabilities is a 12.7mm remotely operated turret, offering unparalleled control and firepower to secure the recovery process. This feature not only safeguards recovery teams but also provides crucial cover in hostile environments.

Furthermore, the DCLR is equipped with a self-locking telescopic tow bar, facilitating swift and secure attachment to disabled or damaged vehicles. This innovative mechanism streamlines the recovery process, reducing downtime and enhancing operational agility in dynamic combat situations.

Commenting on the significance of the DCLR’s capabilities, a spokesperson for KNDS highlighted the vehicle’s role in bolstering military readiness and effectiveness on the battlefield. “The DCLR represents a leap forward in recovery vehicle technology, enabling rapid and secure retrieval of critical assets in even the most challenging environments,” they stated.

The DCLR is designed to recover the XLR, a new version of French MBT Leclerc, on the battlefield. it’s developed on the same hull as the MBT with a motor V8X-1500 Hyperbar equipped with Turboméca TM-307B, same on XLR. It’s come to replace the DCL currently used by armed force heavy cavalry units.

The unveiling of the DCLR marks a milestone in KNDS’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of modern warfare. With its advanced features and robust design, the DCLR promises to become an indispensable asset for military forces worldwide, enhancing their ability to maintain operational superiority on the battlefield.

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