US Army tests new mortar system based on AMPV

US Army tests new mortar system based on AMPV

At the Yuma Proving Ground, a Modular Turreted Mortar System (MTMS) is undergoing rigorous testing based on the Army’s new tracked armored vehicle, which will replace the legacy M113.

Installed on an Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV), this new mortar, or NeMo, turret is a semi-automated mortar system developed by Finish Patria company that promises to enhance operational capabilities for the Army.

Kevin Irr, a test officer from the Munitions and Weapons Division, highlighted the ongoing evaluations aimed at ensuring the MTMS meets performance expectations. Scheduled for a demonstration at the Maneuver Warfighter Conference in September 2024, the system is garnering considerable interest for its potential benefits.

Operated by a vehicle commander and two crew members, the semi-automated, single-barrel 120mm breech-loaded mortar system has captured attention for its versatility and protective features. Safety testing is a top priority, focusing on mitigating auditory health risks from high-intensity noise and managing toxic fumes buildup within the vehicle.

Reflecting on the project’s origins, Irr traced its development through a multi-phase foreign comparative test, which initially assessed its capabilities on a foreign vehicle using U.S. ammunition. Recognizing its promise, the decision was made to evaluate it on the AMPV, aligning with the objective to replace the Mortar Carrier Variant with an automated MTMS.

The MTMS’s ability to shoot on the move, conduct direct fire missions, and execute Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact missions fills a crucial gap in the Army’s arsenal. Furthermore, its integration into the AMPV offers enhanced force protection, keeping soldiers sheltered under vehicle armor.

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