FN Herstal Unveils New Variant of FN Minimi Mk3 Light Machine Gun

FN Herstal Unveils New Variant of FN Minimi Mk3 Light Machine Gun

FN Herstal unveiled a new variant of its FN Minimi on May 23, 2024. The FN Minimi Mk3, the iconic light machine gun designed by the Belgian arms manufacturer FN Herstal, continues to evolve to meet the needs of armed forces worldwide. Already standardized by numerous armies, including several NATO member countries, the FN Minimi is widely recognized for its combat efficiency and reliability.

To meet new operational requirements, FN Herstal has introduced a new configuration of the FN Minimi Mk3, featuring a feed cover with a long, 23-notch top rail. This rigid, one-piece rail now allows for the inline mounting of two optics, providing users with more flexible configurations. For example, a non-magnifying day optic can be combined with a magnifying scope or a day optic with a night vision optic, ensuring increased precision and reliability during missions.

This new variant replaces the standard adjustable sight with a non-adjustable flip-up rear sight and includes a retention latch that keeps the cover open during loading or safety operations. This feature compensates for the weight of the optics, ensuring safe and efficient handling.

The FN Minimi 7.62 Mk3, a third-generation light machine gun, combines power and lightness while offering significant improvements in ergonomics and mobility. This weapon is renowned for its proven reliability in numerous combat situations.

This machine gun comes with an adjustable stock offering five length adjustment positions and six cheek rest height adjustment positions, incorporating a hydraulic buffer to reduce recoil. The bipod integrated into the handguard remains usable even with an accessory mounted on the lower rail. The cocking handle allows for cocking with either the strong or weak hand, while the feed tray with belt retaining pawls makes one-handed loading easier.

The FN Minimi 7.62 Mk3 comes standard with a 422 mm barrel. It is available in several variants, including the tactical version with an adjustable stock, the para version with a telescopic stock, and the standard version with a fixed stock. A customized upgrade program is available for users with earlier models of the FN Minimi 7.62. Additionally, a conversion kit is available to fire 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges.

The weapon operates on a gas-operated, rotating bolt principle and measures 1,026 mm in length when extended and 950 mm when collapsed. It weighs approximately 8.8 kg and has a cyclic rate of fire of about 800 rounds per minute. The feeding system can use either a belt or a pouch. A full range of accessories, tested and certified by FN Herstal, as well as various cartridges, are available for this machine gun.

If you are eager to see this new variant of the FN Minimi Mk3, it will be showcased at the Eurosatory exhibition, an international event to be held from June 17 to 21, 2024, in Paris. Army Recognition will be present, and we will undoubtedly provide more coverage of this light machine gun.

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