Hanwha Ocean positions itself to secure submarine contract in Poland

Hanwha Ocean positions itself to secure submarine contract in Poland

According to information published by Hanwha Ocean on May 24, 2024, the South Korean submarine manufacturer, is making strides to secure a submarine contract in Poland by enhancing local collaboration.

On May 21, Hanwha Ocean organized an “Industry Day” event in Gdańsk, bringing together key stakeholders to discuss cooperation on the Polish Orka submarine program.

The event, held at the Science & Technology Park in Gdańsk, aimed to foster business exchanges and collaboration between Hanwha Ocean’s domestic and international partners and Polish local companies. Attendees included prominent domestic partners such as Hanwha Systems, Hyosung Heavy Industries, KTE, NK Co., and Kolon Decacomp, as well as international submarine equipment manufacturers like Babcock International from the UK and Gabler from Germany. From Poland, 12 companies, including the state-owned defense enterprise PGZ Group, participated and engaged with Hanwha Ocean’s presentations.

Following the event, PGZ Group agreed to collaborate with Hanwha Ocean on a joint Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) plan for submission to the Polish Navy. This plan focuses on transferring essential MRO technologies and localization to strengthen Poland’s capabilities.

South Korean partners emphasized the importance of Technology Transfer (TOT) and localization for securing the Orka contract. They see this as an opportunity not only to showcase South Korean submarine technology globally but also to enable South Korean small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to expand internationally through submarine exports.

A representative from the Polish company Famor expressed keen interest in Hanwha Ocean’s MRO and TOT concepts, noting the potential for significant collaboration between Polish and South Korean companies. The representative anticipated further discussions to solidify concrete MRO and TOT implementation plans.

Hanwha Ocean aims to provide the Polish Navy with advanced, high-performance submarines capable of over 30 years of operation. The company’s strategy includes promoting technology transfer and localization to contribute to Poland’s industrial development. Hanwha Ocean plans to expand the local presence of key maintenance technology and equipment suppliers and establish a support center in Poland to facilitate the Polish Navy’s independent MRO capabilities.

The Orka project is part of the Polish government’s naval modernization efforts, aiming to acquire three new submarines. The selection process for potential suppliers is underway, with the top three candidates expected to be chosen by July this year and the preferred bidder by the first half of next year.

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