Polaris Spaceplanes Redefines Rocket Engine Technology with MIRA 004 at ILA 2024

Polaris Spaceplanes Redefines Rocket Engine Technology with MIRA 004 at ILA 2024

At the ILA 2024 aerospace exhibition, currently being held in Berlin from June 7 to 12, Polaris Spaceplanes is unveiling an innovation that could redefine future aerospace propulsion technologies. The MIRA 004, a validation vehicle for linear aerospike rocket engines, promises significant advancements in performance and efficiency, meeting the demands of both military and civilian applications for the future.

This ambitious project, dubbed DEMO-4 MIRA, was specifically designed to test and demonstrate the capabilities of linear aerospike engines. This advanced technology, compared to traditional engines, offers a better adaptation to varying atmospheric pressure, resulting in a substantial increase in efficiency during flight phases. The first test of MIRA using turbine power, successfully conducted on October 26, 2023, at Peenemünde Airport, marks a critical turning point towards the next phase of rocket-powered tests.

The design and development of MIRA were supported by a Bundeswehr/BAAINBw study contract from April 2023, highlighting the strategic importance of this vehicle for future applications. In addition to its capability to operate beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) with a telemetry range of 20 km, the MIRA 004 is equipped with a redundant flight termination system, ensuring maximum safety during tests.

The MIRA 004, measuring 4.25 meters in length and weighing 210 kg, is powered by four kerosene-fueled jet turbines and a liquid-fueled linear aerospike rocket engine. After its successful first flight under turbine power, the vehicle is now ready for upcoming rocket-powered flights in the near future. The rapid development, completed in just six and a half months, demonstrates the efficiency and ability of Polaris Spaceplanes to successfully manage complex and innovative projects.

All these features position the MIRA 004 not only as a major milestone for Polaris but also as a cornerstone of innovation in the global aerospace industry. With these developments, Polaris Spaceplanes reaffirms its status as a leader in the design of cutting-edge technologies, ready to meet the challenges of aerospace tomorrow. The ILA 2024 thus serves as the stage for a presentation that could well change the game in the field of propulsion technologies.


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