BAE Systems to unveil new air defense system at Eurosatory

BAE Systems to unveil new air defense system at Eurosatory

BAE Systems Bofors is set to unveil its latest ground-based air defense system, the TRIDON Mk2, at the Eurosatory defense exhibition in Paris.

The event, held from June 17-21, will showcase one of the world’s most advanced anti-aircraft systems, designed to address the growing threat posed by drones.

As noted by the company, the TRIDON Mk2 boasts high precision, firepower, and modularity, making it suitable for protecting both military and civilian infrastructure. Lena Gillström, CEO of BAE Systems Bofors, highlighted the system’s capabilities: “TRIDON is the solution for those needing a proven and reliable air defense system with high precision to protect both people and critical infrastructure.”

Visitors to Eurosatory can view the TRIDON Mk2 at BAE Systems’ booth in Hall 5A, B369. The system is noted for its effectiveness, outperforming any other gun of 40mm caliber or less. This advanced technology is the result of nearly 90 years of experience in air defense.

The TRIDON Mk2 is capable of combating multiple threats rapidly, making it a high-precision and cost-effective solution that is easy to deploy and maintain. Its modular design allows it to adapt to evolving needs and integrate new technologies seamlessly.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the TRIDON Mk2 can counter a wide range of threats, from drones and cruise missiles to aircraft and armored vehicles. This versatility ensures security and protection for military forces and civil infrastructure alike.

The company says that as a modern anti-aircraft system, the TRIDON Mk2 fills the gap left by more expensive missile systems. It meets the growing need for air-denial weapons, providing a low-cost, rapid-response solution crucial for maintaining clear skies in today’s complex security environment.


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