Germany orders 1,515 logistic vehicles from Rheinmetall

Germany orders 1,515 logistic vehicles from Rheinmetall

Photo courtesy of Bundeswehr/Kraftfahrausbildungszentrum Delmenhorst
Rheinmetall has secured a contract from the Bundeswehr (German military) to deliver 1,515 logistic vehicles, including 265 protected swap-body systems.

This order is part of the framework contract for swap-body systems (WLS) signed in June 2020 and is largely financed by the Bundeswehr’s special fund.

The contract also includes 500 swap-body platforms and 500 tarpaulin/roof bow setups, valued at over €920 million ($994 million) gross. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in the second half of 2024 and complete by mid-November 2024.

“The extensive call-off from the framework contract, financed by the special fund, highlights the crucial role of Bundeswehr logistics in the context of the ‘Zeitenwende’. Delivering all vehicles by the end of 2024 ensures the special fund directly equips and strengthens the logistical capabilities and sustainability of the armed forces,” said Michael Wittlinger, chairman of Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH.

Since 2018, Rheinmetall has delivered over 4,000 vehicles to the Bundeswehr, with the HX-series military trucks becoming a core component of the Bundeswehr’s logistics. The current framework contract with Rheinmetall, effective until 2027, includes the delivery of up to 4,000 trucks, of which 1,008 have already been supplied.

The swap-body trucks enhance the Bundeswehr’s fleet, adding to the successful project of Unprotected Transport Vehicles (UTFs). The trucks are equipped with a hook-loader developed by Hiab, enabling the vehicles to lift and set down the swap-body carriers in various terrains without additional handling equipment. Alternatively, the vehicles can carry a swap-body platform or a container via a standardized 20-foot ISO interface.

A significant portion of the swap-body trucks will feature an armored cab, increasing crew survivability and the tactical flexibility of logistic units. These trucks are primarily used to supply combat formations with bulk consumables such as ammunition, fuel, and water.

Both the swap-body systems and UTFs are based on Rheinmetall’s robust HX family of vehicles, designed for military use to ensure excellent mobility in rough terrain. The widespread presence of the HX family enhances interoperability and logistics, particularly during multinational deployments. User nations include the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, and Denmark.

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