Russian military receives new batch of Malva howitzers

Russian military receives new batch of Malva howitzers

Rostec, the Russian state-owned arms conglomerate, has announced the delivery of a new batch of 152mm 2S43 wheeled self-propelled howitzers, known as “Malva,” to the Russian Army.

According to Rostec, these howitzers offer greater maneuverability compared to their tracked counterparts, have a longer service life, and are more cost-effective to operate.

The “Malva” is built on a BAZ chassis with an 8×8 wheel configuration. It features full-wheel drive and a powerful diesel engine, enabling it to navigate challenging terrains. The howitzer’s ammunition load consists of at least 30 rounds. It has an automated fire control system that calculates firing parameters for all types of ammunition and includes a “simultaneous fire raid” mode, allowing multiple shells to hit a target simultaneously by firing along different trajectories at varying speeds.

Rostec emphasized the logistical benefits of the “Malva,” highlighting its compatibility with military transport aircraft. The howitzer can fit into the cargo hold of an Il-76 aircraft, allowing for rapid deployment over long distances.

Designed for a variety of targets, the “Malva” howitzer can engage command posts, defensive structures, artillery and missile batteries, air defense systems, armored columns, and enemy personnel.

The new “Malva” howitzers have already been spotted on the battlefield in the Belgorod region, near the Ukrainian border.

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