Russia develops clone of US Switchblade suicide drone

Russia develops clone of US Switchblade suicide drone

A strategic session led by Denis Manturov, First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government, was held at the ERA Military Innovation Technopolis, highlighting the introduction of innovation systems, including a new one-way attack drone.

The event saw the participation of Deputy Defense Minister Colonel General Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, along with leaders from military management and the defense industry.

The newly developed attack drone, popularly referred to as a “suicide drone,” was showcased during the session. Structurally similar to the American Switchblade 600, the specific characteristics of the Russian drone remain undisclosed. The Switchblade, categorized by the U.S. Army as a missile rather than a drone, is referred to as a “loitering munition.” Unlike UAVs, loitering munitions are not recoverable once launched, operating through a fly-by-radio frequency signal similar to the wireless TOW missile.

The term “loitering munition” underscores the drone’s ability to hover in an area before targeting, a capability that both the new Russian drone and the Switchblade 600 share. However, unlike the TOW missile, which does not loiter, these drones allow operators to remain in control until the target is engaged.

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