New progress in L-39NG development: The L-39CW received type certificate

New progress in L-39NG development: The L-39CW received type certificate

l39cwCzech aircraft manufacturer Aero Vodochody received type certificate for the L-39CW jet trainer, which represents the L-39 aircraft re-engining and modernization of avionics equipment. This step represents also important milestone in development of L-39NG, the new generation of the successful jet trainer.

Development of the L-39NG is divided in 2 phases to arrive to complete new aircraft composed by new airframe, new engine, new avionics, new cockpit (canopy, ejection seat etc.) and other new features. First step certifies the integration of the new engine and new avionics on an existing L-39 platform leading to intermediate configuration L-39CW. Second step, built upon the first one, will bring new airframe and other systems modifications.

This approach has enabled the anticipation of significant flight test activities, without waiting for the new airframe currently in the production process. The L-39CW will provide also an immediate solution for current operators by upgrading existing platforms with the new engine and new avionics (still 600 aircraft flying around the world). Another benefit of such an approach is Aero Vodochody to produce the new aircraft directly in a serial production configuration rather than prototype.

“Aero has now certification for both, the engine installation and the new avionics. Such an achievement give us important advantage in the schedule of the L-39NG project compared to our competitors and an already available solution for L-39 users. It is an important milestone in our path to roll-out and flying the new aircraft this year,” said the President of Aero Vodochody Giuseppe Giordo.

The type certificate was granted by the military aviation supervisory department of the Ministry of Defense, after the successful completion of the development of the L-39CW. At the time when the L-39CW successfully completed the development and subsequent certification, the development of new generation aircraft with the designation L-39NG successfully continues. This is now in the stage of pre-serial production of the first four pieces.

The development of the L-39NG aircraft and its intermediate solution L-39CW attracts great attention of a number of countries that need to address the modernization of their training squadron.

The two step approach allows the existing users to build in advance the facilities for the operation of the new L-39NG aircraft and to train pilots based on the new system and new functionalities. In addition to that, Aero offers its customers to reuse later both the new FJ44-4M engine and the new avionics in the newly manufactured L-39NG aircraft, which will allow to strategically spreading out the investment in the purchase of the trainer over time.

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