Milrem Robotics new THeMIS combat UGV with Loitering Munitions allows engagement farther behind enemy lines

Milrem Robotics new THeMIS combat UGV with Loitering Munitions allows engagement farther behind enemy lines

Milrem Robotics unveils a new THeMIS Combat Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) equipped with loitering munitions that allow engaging targets farther behind enemy lines.

45833f00 f7f9 412b 8ac7 f43916109822The advanced system incorporates the cutting-edge Hunter 2-S tactical swarming drones developed by Halcon. This system is enriched with artificial intelligence capabilities, empowering frontline forces to efficiently detect, track, and precisely neutralize soft targets, light vehicles, and armored vehicles from secure distances, even in the most challenging battlefield scenarios.

Cpt (res.) Jüri Pajuste, Defense R&D Director at Milrem Robotics, elaborated on the advantages of this integration, stating: “Our units can maneuver the THeMIS Combat alongside Hunter 2-S drones closer to the enemy frontlines. This allows them to engage nearby targets swiftly or venture deeper into enemy territory to identify suitable targets.”

The Hunter 2-S drones possess the remarkable ability to autonomously follow predefined flight paths to reach their designated target areas. They can also coordinate seamlessly with other drones within the swarm and linger in the vicinity while searching for and categorizing potential targets. The engagement itself remains under the supervision and control of a human operator. Pajuste emphasized the efficiency of deploying robotic systems in hostile territory, noting that it significantly outpaces the speed and effectiveness of using manned units for the same mission. Additionally, employing loitering munitions enhances a unit’s situational awareness and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.

Each Hunter 2-S drone carries a payload of 2 kilograms, can attain a cruising altitude of 500 meters, and maintains a steady airspeed of 25 meters per second, offering a total available flight time of 45 minutes.

The battle-tested THeMIS Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), which is already a key component of robotics programs in 16 countries, is designed to provide crucial support to dismounted infantry units. Equipped with the Milrem Intelligent Functions Kit (MIFIK), it gains independent mobility, encompassing features like point-to-point navigation, follow-me capabilities, obstacle detection, and avoidance.

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