DSEI 2023: Paramount to produce Mbombe 6 ICV to meet Latin America and SADEC demands

DSEI 2023: Paramount to produce Mbombe 6 ICV to meet Latin America and SADEC demands

At DSEI 2023, the UAE company Paramount announced the production of its 6×6 Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV), the Mbombe 6, in response to growing global demand, especially with Latin American and Southern African Development Community (SADEC) national defense forces placing orders. Paramount confirmed the production of over 20 Mbombe 6 next-generation ICVs with deliveries already underway.94c242ef e102 4515 ac51 01c00041289d

Earlier, Paramount released market research indicating an anticipated increase in global spending on armored vehicles, with projected expenditures of $25.6 billion for certain armored vehicle programs between 2022 and 2035. Paramount’s Mbombe armored vehicle family is positioned as a viable solution to meet this growing demand, as the entire Mbombe family of armored vehicles shares an 80% commonality in technologies and components, resulting in cost efficiencies and significant savings for armed forces in maintenance, repair, operations (MRO), training, and logistical support.

Steve Griessel, Global CEO of Paramount, outlined the company’s commitment to becoming a technology-driven global OEM, focusing on intellectual property (IP) licensing and establishing global partnerships to address global requirements. Paramount’s collaborations with industrial partners aim to provide nations with modular options to enhance their armored vehicle capabilities. Paramount’s portable production concept emphasizes local manufacturing within customer countries, fostering indigenous innovation and ensuring long-term support.

The highly adaptable Mbombe 6 is designed to fulfill various military assignments, including counter-terrorism, border patrol, and peacekeeping missions, making it a valuable asset for armed forces worldwide.

The Mbombe 6 Armored Personnel Carrier, also referred to by Paramount as an ICV in its armed variants, represents advancements in armored vehicle design, suitable for a range of military and security applications. It features a monocoque hull construction, providing durability and a stable platform for its specifications.

The Mbombe 6 can carry a crew of two in the front cabin, along with a commander or gunner, and eight additional passengers in the rear, offering flexibility for various mission requirements. Its dimensions include a length of 7,715 mm, height of 2,549 mm, and width of 3,150 mm, with over 430 mm of ground clearance. This design allows it to handle obstacles, with a departure angle of 40° and an approach angle of 54°, along with a 1,000 mm ditch crossing ability and 500 mm step climbing ability. Equipped with a 6×6 configuration, the vehicle demonstrates good mobility on and off-road. It can handle gradients exceeding 60%, slide slopes of 35% or more, and can ford depths of up to 900 mm without prior preparation.

The Mbombe 6 is powered by a turbo diesel engine producing 336 kW (450 HP) and 1,627 Nm of torque, paired with an automatic transmission. Its road speed can reach up to 110 km/h, depending on tire choice, and it offers a road range of up to 1,000 km. In terms of protection, the vehicle complies with B7 – Stanag Level 3 standards in the crew compartment, providing a reasonable level of protection. It also offers protection against various ammunition types for the engine compartment and blast protection against specified TNT amounts.

Optional features and systems are available to enhance the Mbombe 6’s capabilities, including Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS), Run Flat Inserts (RFI), radios, intercom systems, additional armor (active and passive), Battlefield Management Systems, a winch, NATO Standard Tow Hitch, a public address system, and fire suppression systems. Other optional systems encompass roof hatches and turret systems, biological and chemical protection, vehicle location and tracking, add-on protection for components, driver assist camera system, engine grille ballistic protection, internal lighting with color options, and a winterization kit for cold weather operations (-20°C to -45°C).

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