Georgia has demonstrated its first GM-403 radar

Georgia has demonstrated its first GM-403 radar

Georgia has demonstrated its first GM-403 radar that was bought from France company “ThalesRaytheon Systems”.

The radar that was demonstrated in military equipment exhibition on 26 of May, The Independence Day of Georgia, is on the 8×8 wheeled “Renault” vehicle.

The purchase contract of the radar was signed in June 2015. Georgia has ordered two GM-403 radars, and GM-200 radar by the contract that is cost 56.2 million euro.

The Ground Master 400 is a mobile radar system proposed by ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS) and developed by Thales. The Ground Master 400 (GM400) is a 3-D long-range Air Defense radar, offering detection from very high to very low altitudes. It tracks a wide range of targets from highly maneuverable tactical aircraft flying below several hundred feet to the unconventional small radar cross-section device as Unmanned Air Vehicles or cruise missiles, ensuring an excellent global air picture.

The Ground Master GM 400 is a fully digital solid state S-band mobile 3-D long-range air defense radar with high operational availability and highly simplified maintenance. The whole system is adaptable to towers and platforms with radome option. The Ground master 400 radar is capable of detecting targets at low, medium and high altitudes with an unprecedented level of availability and mobility, the radar can spot a fighter aircraft at 450 km (243Nm and cruise missiles or small aircraft at 250 km. The radar features electronic stabilization between -6 and +5 degrees.

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