Codan launches new generation manpack

Codan launches new generation manpack

Building on its successful Software Defined Radio (SDR) products, Codan Communications has developed its latest manpack, the Sentry-H 6110-MP, one of the smallest and lightest tactical manpacks in the market. It complements Codan’s other SDR communications and data interoperability products to specifically address the tactical defense market.

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Codan has worked extensively with its customers worldwide to identify their needs and ensure that its solutions meet those needs without costly and over-engineered utilities and features which are under or never utilised.

Codan’s focus is on providing customers only the feature set they need, avoiding an expensive ‘one size fits all’ architecture, offering solutions that while principally focused at the tactical edge, allow seamless communications and data transfer up to the national level if necessary.

Codan will be showcasing its new Sentry-H 6110-MP manpack along with its range of tactical solutions at the forthcoming IDEX tradeshow in Abu Dhabi, booth 01-C07.

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