Uzbekistan purchased 4×4 Typhoon-K armored vehicle

Uzbekistan purchased 4×4 Typhoon-K armored vehicle

Uzbekistan purchased 4×4 KamAZ-53949 Typhoon-K armored vehicle from Russia.

New armored vehicle were demonstrated at the opening ceremony of the Tank Biathlon-2019 by the Uzbekistan Defense Ministry.

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The KamAZ-53949 Typhoon-K was first shown to the Uzbek Army.

Uzbekistan is the first external user of Typhoon-K armored vehicle.

Kamaz-53949 Typhoon-K accommodates two crew members and eight fully equipped troops. The hull features four side doors and a rear door. The roof is fitted with two hatches for observation, firing and emergency exit purposes.

The Kamaz-53949 vehicle measures 6.7m-long, 2.5m-wide and 2.8m-high. It has a curb weight of 13,700kg and can carry a payload of 2,000kg.

The vehicle protects the occupants from 14.5mm-calibre ammunition, armour-piercing rounds and incendiary rounds. It can withstand the impact of 8kg TNT explosion under the floor and 10kg TNT explosion under the wheels. The vehicle offers STANAG 4569 level III protection against anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, as well as improvised explosive devices (IEDs).


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