Commtact showcases a complete, end-to-end Data Link Solution for Loitering Munitions Platforms

Commtact showcases a complete, end-to-end Data Link Solution for Loitering Munitions Platforms

Commtact Ltd.. – a leading provider of advanced wireless communications solutions for manned and unmanned platforms on the ground, in the air or at sea ‒ showcases a complete, end-to-end data link solution for loitering munitions platforms at AUSA. The system includes a ground station, aerial station, and antennas.

TC400Loitering munitions is a term covering all tactical unmanned flying weapon systems capable of loitering above a designated target area, providing portable precision munition capability to ground forces. Loitering munitions identify targets and directly engage these targets, reducing response times with a high level of accuracy.  These are particularly beneficial against concealed or hidden targets that emerge and remain exposed for a short period of time. To ensure success, it is critical that these platforms provide operational reliability and high quality real-time video ‒ making an undependable, specially tailored data link essential.

Commtact’s EMDLS (Enhanced Mini Data Link Solution) was developed precisely for these platforms. The transceiver of the small-footprint tactical solution ‒ which includes a 6-antenna array ‒ enables automatic optimal switching between antennas. This facilitates flexible and immediate transitions between different polarizations in order to maintain optimal data link connectivity throughout the different stages of the mission ‒ flying to the targeted zone, loitering, identifying and engaging the target.


According to Mr. Asaf Choshniak, the VP Marketing & Sales, “Commtact is dedicated to adapting its solutions to customer requirements. The EMDLS was developed in response to the critical need for reliable data links for loitering munitions platforms. The company has leveraged its proven expertise to provide a full solution that delivers dependable, ultra-fast connectivity and high-quality, secured real-time video during all mission stages.”

The system’s integrated real-time video encoder ensures high quality, low latency video broadcasts throughout the entire mission. Advanced algorithms enable secured, reliable communications ‒ even in the most challenging operational scenarios, such as those found in maritime or urban environments. Equipped with a small MIL STD IP67 tactical ground station and an airborne transceiver, the EMDLS delivers a complete, end-to-end data link solution that can be tailored to each customer’s needs.


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