Rostec has developed a radar to detect miniature drones

Rostec has developed a radar to detect miniature drones

ros e1571493520974“Roselectronics” Holding of Rostec state Corporation has developed a radar station to detect small-size drones at a distance up to 7.5 km. The equipment is built entirely on the domestic electronic component base and has no analogues in Russia.

The equipment is a multi-channel Ka-band radar, characterized by small dimensions, equal to 325 × 240×230 mm.

The direction finder digital repeater is placed on a rotary device that provides visibility in all directions. The station can be controlled manually from a laptop or automatically.

“The dangers that drones can pose are becoming increasingly obvious. Small-size drones are able to conduct surveillance, reconnaissance, carry explosives or other weapons and serve as a means of attack. Drones can act alone or as part of a “swarm of drones.” And it is not only about special drones manufactured in industrial conditions. It can be a toy copter from a children’s store or a home-made apparatus. Traditional radar methods do not provide reliable detection of unmanned flying vehicles with a small reflective surface. The development of our holding “Roselectronics” solves this problem successfully. Undoubtedly, the new development will be in demand among both special and civilian customers”, – commented the Executive Director of Rostec Oleg Yevtushenko.

Up to date, the first samples of equipment have been manufactured and field tests of the radar station have been carried out.

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