DSEI 2021: METIS Aerospace showcases SKYPERION passive RF drone detection solutions

by Zaur Babashov | Wednesday, Sep 15, 2021 | 86 views

According to a press release published by METIS aerospace on September 14, 2021, the firm formally launches SKYPERION Marine to their range of passive RF drone detection solutions.

SKYPERION Marine is a CPNI rated passive radio frequency drone detection system that provides a capability against all known commercial drones as well as hybrid ‘home builds’. The malicious use of drones to intrude upon the maritime market is a growing threat to the security and privacy of commercial shipping, as well as yacht operators and owners and SKYPERION Marine offers the
maritime environment a new unrivalled capability.

The system is designed to be operated with minimal training and can auto-alert a non-dedicated operator to the presence of a drone incursion (via a laptop based control station if there is no other facility Command and Control (C2) available; SKYPERION readily integrates into 3rd party C2). If required, SKYPERION can be operated as a standalone sensor, or fully integrated into a multi-layered solution.

Intended for 24H/365 day operations and in all weather conditions, SKYPERION is a low SWaP solution that can be installed in a ruggedised or lightweight configuration, as a land-based static permanent/semi permanent installation, a mobile ‘on-the-move’ vehicle mounted unit, or as a marinised version with the RF sensor housed in a radome. A body-worn version for dismounted personnel will be introduced later in 2021.

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