Azerbaijani army purchased Turkish MST excavators

Azerbaijani army purchased Turkish MST excavators

The technical capabilities of engineering support units of Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan Combined Arms Army are enhanced thanks to vehichles of Turkey’s production.

91309e10c36833c0ee65fe8da04f8c78 e1572604786805Equipping the Combined Arms Army with Turkish MST company made mini excavators is one of the important steps taken in the field of military cooperation.

High technical characteristics of the equipment adopted into the armament allow performing major work in a short time. Turkish-made MST telescopic excavators have many advantages.

This machinery also saves a lot of effort on maintenance and fueling. This machinery, consisting of components that meet advanced technologies and international standards, thanks to a replaceable hydraulic pump and a hydraulic motor connected to a two-stage gearbox is excellent in control.

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