Lithuanian Armed Forces to install a wider-scope battle management system

Lithuanian Armed Forces to install a wider-scope battle management system

A wider-ranging battle management system to ensure a fluent transfer of situational awareness information from frontlines to headquarters is installed at the Lithuanian Armed Forces. It is a step in the modernisation of the Lithuanian Armed Forces to ensure as efficient command and control as possible. The decision to add more versions to the battle management system made by Systematic, an international company, and to install it in all units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces was taken in late 2019.

lithPrevious licence allowed the Battle Management System to be used only by Land Force units up to a brigade size. The system will also be used for the Vilkas Infantry Fighting Vehicles procured by the Lithuanian Armed Forces in order to maximize their efficiency. The Battle Management System will also improve information exchange with allied forces deployed in Lithuania.

“Interoperability with allies and partners is critical to the Lithuanian Armed Forces for strengthening resilience in the context of changing geopolitical situation in the region, prevention of potential threats,” Vice Minister of National Defence Eimutis Misiūnas says. “As a member of NATO, we always cooperate with our allies and the ability to speedily share and receive information makes us stronger.”

The system provides a capability of friendly and enemy force tracking, battlefield developments in nearly real-time. Illustrating the tactical situation on the map, the Battle Management System is extremely user-friendly. The system increases efficiency of coordination of nearby units, prevention of friendly fire, speeding up optimal decision-making and delegation of the decisions to tactical units.

Agreement on a new license will allow the Lithuanian Armed Forces to add additional Systematic products, such as SitaWare DAFFS, SitaWare Edge , IRIS Forms, to the currently used SitaWare Headquarter and „SitaWare Frontline. That is expected to enhance exchange of specific situation seeking advantage on the battlefield.

Information in operational environment is shared through, processed and stored in information systems. SitaWare by Systematic is used by many NATO allies. The Latvian Armed Forces is starting to use it in the beginning of this year, the Bundeswehr has also made a decision to procure the product. Such systems are interoperable because of development and application of international standards which is done by the Multilateral Interoperability Program (MIP) comprising 29 NATO allies, partners, and organisations. Lithuania has been an associate member of MIP since 2017.

Experience of the Lithuanian forces in different international missions and operations was taken into account before deploying the Battle Management System, the experience gained while part of the Danish Division project was particularly valuable. The Lithuanian Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf had been assigned to a Danish Brigade which used SitaWare. The initial contract between Systematic and the Lithuanian Armed Forces concerning acquisition of intellectual property advanced technology was signed in late 2016.

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