Rostec Showcased the Complex “Rat” for Fighting Against Drones

Rostec Showcased the Complex “Rat” for Fighting Against Drones

At the “ARMY 2020” Forum Roselectronica, the holding of Rostec State Corporation, has presented a Russian multi-functional mobile complex “Rat” (Russian transcription of “warrior-host”), aimed to fight against unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with the system of direct laser destruction. rat e1598626125291

The complex is based on a special armored vehicle and is equipped with a full range of UAVs sensing and suppression means to prevent an unauthorized intrusion of drones into critical infrastructure.

The novelty consists of the radar station, the complex of automatic identification and suppression of telecommunications conduits, the system of directive ultrahigh-frequency suppression and the directional laser disposal system.

All the equipment is integrated into the unified system of information acquisition, processing and display. The data from the weapon-detection and surveillance equipment comes to the central control panel. The system processes the profile of a target and gives suggestions for further action to the operator.

“At the “ARMY 2020” Forum we demonstrate the series of anti-drone counter weapons. In the new complex “Rat” we have combined multiple developments of our enterprises. As a result, a unique unprecedented solution, guaranteeing utmost protection against drons was created. The complex can be applied for the permanent and mobile objects. Its potential consumers are the Armed Forces, Rosgvardiya, police, and the other law enforcement agencies,” – claimed Sergey Sakhnenko, Rostec industrial director of the electronic cluster.

This complex detects drones at a distance of up to 3.5 km, implements directional suppression of UAV control channels within a radius of up to 2.5 km. In case of unauthorized invasion of several objectives “Rat” blocks their communication and satellite-navigation channels. An operator of this complex can also physically destroy the drone with the help of laser disposal system.

In addition, the vehicle has a survey and search device for surveillance and management of technical equipment in zero visibility conditions.

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