IDEF 2021: Dasal displays Albatros multirole UAV

IDEF 2021: Dasal displays Albatros multirole UAV

Turkish company Dasal is present at IDEF 2021, which is held in Istanbbul from August 17 to August 20, to display different UAV solutions, sometimes impressive both in size and capacity. With its modular payload design and 70kg payload capacity, the Albatros cargo UAV is one of them.

Dasal displays Albatros multirole UAV 01The multirole Albatros Platform performs different operational missions due to its modular payload design. The platform has the ability to operate efficiently with 5.56mm machine rifle, minigun or different bomb options up to 70kg payload capacity.

With its 45 minutes flight time, and 100 km/h maximum horizontal speed, the modular tactical cargo drone Albatros is a versatile UAV ready for different types of missions. Although Albatros was especially developed for cargo missions, it can also be used as an armed UAV with its high lifting capacity, unique ammunition and useful loads.

It can also carry unmanned land vehicles such as MARAGAY and VAŞAK, developed by Altınay Company.

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