IDEF 2021: MPG from Turkey displays MPARC mine protected recovery crane

IDEF 2021: MPG from Turkey displays MPARC mine protected recovery crane

The multi-purpose (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) armored recovery crane MPARC is based on the concept of independently suspended axles and armored hull. MPARC stands as an unrivaled recovery crane of its kind with exceptional performance capabilities. Mine and IED protection provides enhanced survivability on the battlefield.

MPG from Turkey displays MKKKK mine protected recovery truck 1MPARC offers great flexibility in use. To satisfy special technical requirements and special solutions, proven quality components have been used on MPARC.With innovation in maneuverability, exceptional performance in lifting and towing, the MPARC redetermines the rules for today’s demanding recovery operations.

The deliveries of the Mine-Resistant Partial Protected Rescuer (MKKKK) to the Turkish armed forces by MPG Machinery Production Group started in 2020.

According to the information obtained by Defence Turk, after the first serial production deliveries of 1 prototype and 4 in March 2020, mass production deliveries continued. In this context, another 5 units of Mine-Resistant Partial Protected Rescuer M4K vehicles were delivered to the security forces in April 2020. With the delivery of the last 8 vehicles, a total of 18 vehicles were delivered. MKKKK vehicles have been used actively since the day they entered the Land Forces Command’s inventory.

Using Seyit 8×8 as th armored carrier platform for the MPARC, or MKKKK, the rescue vehicle, which offers high mine and ballistic protection to the user crew, includes passive armor protection, fire fighting and explosion suppression systems, and CBRN protection systems.

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