Songar is showcased in many different halls at IDEF’21

Songar is showcased in many different halls at IDEF’21

Asisguard, which has brought unique, domestic and national products to Turkey in the field of defense, presents its products and systems to domestic and foreign defense sector decision makers at IDEF’21. In addition to Asisguard’s armed and grenade launching versions of the Songar drone system, which has been successfully used by security forces in the field and is constantly being developed, all of their applications, from songar bilgem.1missiles and laser weapons to specially developed Togan ammunition, will be exhibited for the first time at the IDEF’21 International Defense Industry Fair in the stands of both Asisguard and the companies it works with.

Continuing its activities in the defense industry with the vision of producing local and global solutions by developing value-added technologies, Asisguard is exhibiting at IDEF with all its integrated versions of Songar, the first national armed drone system in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Missiles, laser weapon concepts and grenade launcher integrations are all on exhibit together for the first time at the Asisguard stand!

Equipped with an automatic machine gun, which has achieved many firsts in its field, Songar stands out with its real-time day and thermal image transmission system. Songar, which performs many critical tasks with its single or multiple drone system, such as identifying the target area, neutralizing the threat, and recording data and video for post-operative analysis, is becoming even more effective in the field with its further developed versions. With an added “grenade launching” feature to the initial automatic machine gun, the SONGAR system continues to be developed and equipped with more useful payload models. TOGAN ammunition, which stands out with its size, cost-effectiveness and precision strike capabilities, developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE, was integrated into the national drone system that can transmit real-time images. The objective of using TOGAN ammunition with SONGAR is to achieve cost-efficient and safe neutralization of dangerous threats from a remote distance.

Work on the integration of the Troy Defense Rocket to Songar has also started recently. In the meantime, the integration of a special laser weapon concept design to Songar, which was being worked on by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM, has also been completed.

Songar, for which the 4×4 land vehicle integration was also completed, is now more effective in offensive purposes against ambush and threats in border and cross-border operations.

Asisguard General Manager M. Barış Düzgün, who pointed out that their company develops products and systems that will contribute to the country’s economy and reinforce the defense industry, said “Since Songar was first developed we have signed off on important partnerships with some of Turkey’s major companies and created many new versions. Songar is the most concrete example of developing domestic and national products for a common purpose in our defense industry. This year we will be present at IDEF not just in our own stand but in the stands of companies we have business partnerships with”. Duzgun emphasized that the grenade launcher integrated Songar, which is on display at their stands, is being tested with security forces and that the system will be further developed with feedback.

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