Russian military fields new B-19 combat vehicle

Russian military fields new B-19 combat vehicle

Russian troops conducted a Zapad 21 (West 21) military maneuvers using the newest B-19 armored vehicle with the unmanned Epokha combat module.

загружено 1The latest version of the Russian Army’s BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle, called the B-19, was used during large-scale military exercises for the fir time.

The B-19 combat vehicle is equipped with an Epokha unmanned weapon station, which carries the 57mm automatic cannon and Kornet anti-tank guided missiles. Advanced version of Soviet-era BMP-3 fighting vehicle also equipped with the Bulat missile system that designed for the elimination of emplacements and lightly armored vehicles.

“An armored group, comprised of a B-19 armored vehicles squad, was engaged after the mock enemy’s main forces approached the first line of defense of the forces of Belarus, India, Mongolia and Russia, in order to increase the activity and sustainability of defense during fights for important frontiers, positions and regions,” the Ministry of Defense told journalists Monday.

Epokha’s key feature is an automated search and recognition system that tracks enemy objects and provides a firing solution for the simultaneous or consequential use of two-weapon channels.

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