Airbus outlines Indian C295 offset plans

Airbus outlines Indian C295 offset plans

Airbus is looking to leverage its extensive commercial aerospace engagements in India to deliver on the offset obligations linked to its contract to supply 56 C295 MW medium transport aircraft to the Indian Air Force (IAF).

BSP 6986 JDW 14461An Airbus spokesperson told Janes that its existing industrial partnerships in the country on platforms such as the A320 and A350 jet airliners will support defence offset work on the ordered military aircraft.

The European aerospace group is delivering the C295s through a contract signed with the Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) on 24 September. The deal is estimated to be worth about INR210 billion (USD2.85 billion).

In announcing the contract, the MoD said it had also signed an offset deal with Airbus through which the company will “discharge its offset obligations through [the] direct purchase of eligible products and services from Indian offset partners”.

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