Egyptian Armed Forces showcases Aisheng ASN-209 UAV

Egyptian Armed Forces showcases Aisheng ASN-209 UAV

The Egyptian Armed Forces showcase Aisheng ASN-209 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in Cairo at EDEX 21. Egypt has started the production of the Chinese ASN-209 Multi-purpose UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System in 82ac01f6 1fe6 4c41 bce2 51bb8063be59June 2012.

ASN-209 UAV and its derivative are Chinese UAVs developed by Xi’an Aisheng Technology Group Co., ASN Technology Group Co., also known as Northwestern Polytechnical University UAV Research Institute or 365th Institute, established in 1984.

ASN-209 Tactical UAV System is composed of Aircraft Platform, Avionics, Airborne Mission Payload, Data Link, Ground Control Station and Launch and Recovery Equipment, ASN-209 UAV can perform aerial reconnaissance, battlefield survey, target location, destroy validation and artillery fire adjustment in day and night in real-time.

ASN-209 uses digital flight control and navigation system, its flight control mode has manual, program, and emergency control.

In addition, the UAV uses rocket booster launch, parachute recovery which render the operating system of ASN-209 flexible due to the fact that no contact with an airport is needed, and the GCS allows multitasking and can be edited in real-time.

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