UMEX 2022: Skylock showcases Sky-Interceptor

UMEX 2022: Skylock showcases Sky-Interceptor

At UMEX 2022, held in Abu Dhabi from 21 to 23 February, Skylock (part of the Avnon HLS Group) displays the Sky-Interceptor, designed to defeat small incoming UAV threats.

bfa179d4 ea05 4d91 b31e c342144ffaa1As technologies advance, drones are becoming faster, smaller and deadlier. The need for anti-drone counter-measures to mitigate threats is imperative. Skylock, part of the Avnon HLS Group, is a leading authority for the design and production of counter-drone technologies for the detection, verification and neutralisation of unauthorised drones.

Sky-Interceptor is based on five patentpending technologies that enable detection, tracking, and kinetic mitigation of small UAVs using a high persistence countermeasure cloud. The proprietary countermeasure cloud improves the ability to defeat small incoming UAV threats under all conditions by disabling their propulsion system.

The system is safe to operate in urban environments, enables greater range and has no collateral damage. It is effective against evasive maneuvers and swarms, provides simplified logistics ans is lower cost than conventional kinetic or electronic warfare.

With a length of 89.5cm, it weights only 880g. Sky-Interceptor has a range of 1,1 km ; 3km with booster.

It fits ground launch (IGLS), naval variant (INLS) and UAV air-to-air mounts (IALS).

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