UMEX 2022: Saab unveils UAE-developed deployable 5G Network DeployNet

UMEX 2022: Saab unveils UAE-developed deployable 5G Network DeployNet

Saab is launching a state-of-the-art, ruggedized, 5G communication system for military and crisis operations in Abu Dhabi. DeployNet, locally developed by Saab in the UAE, further demonstrates Saab’s commitment to creating world-class Emirati defense and security solutions, for national needs as well as for export to the global market.

36c80e9c 6c0b 4f06 bd54 42affb328155A key fundamental for efficient command and control in military and crisis operations is communication. DeployNet provides a scalable 5G/LTE wireless network for the most challenging environments, offering high-capacity bandwidth for today’s missions that rely on a multitude of information sources, sensors and user interaction. The compact system, underpinned with robust cyber security, can be deployed rapidly, enabling high-capacity bandwidth in geographically remote areas, or reinforcement of damaged or limited local networks.

Anna-Karin Rosén, Managing Director of Saab in the UAE, said: “UmexSimTEX represents a strategic platform to launch our locally-developed communication system, DeployNet. We are developing leading products, services and solutions in the UAE to support Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. We believe that DeployNet will be a highly valuable asset to both military and civilian markets where there is a requirement for a ruggedized, quickly deployable 5G/LTE network, not just here in the UAE but for export globally, particularly in regions without an existing fixed communications network”.

The utilization of DeployNet delivers the capability for real-time video streaming in high resolution, push-to-talk functionality and data transfer. Scalable, both in terms of user numbers and system range, DeployNet demonstrates advantages in mission scenarios such as base security, search and rescue, reconnaissance, mission training and crisis management. This turnkey solution includes handsets, a power source, administration tools and active telecom equipment that are compact and ruggedized for easy deployment.

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