Streit Group from UAE delivers 8 Scorpion MRAP vehicles to Brazilian Police

Streit Group from UAE delivers 8 Scorpion MRAP vehicles to Brazilian Police

The UAE-based company Streit Group has delivered eight Scorpion 4×4 MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles to the Federal

The purchase of these new armored vehicles will increase the protection, mobility, and firepower of the Federal Police of Brazil. Four of these Scorpion MRAP vehicles will be fitted with a remotely operated weapon station Guardian Aspis manufactured by the Spanish company Escribano.

Streit Group from UAE delivers 8 Scorpion MRAP vehicles to Brazilian Police 925 001According to a video published on the Youtube account of “Caiafa Master”, on November 12, 2022, the eight Scorpion MRAP vehicles for the Federal Police of Brazil were delivered at the beginning of November this year.

The Scorpion is a 4×4 armored vehicle in the category of MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) that was unveiled by the Company Streit Group at the Eurosatory defense exhibition in June 2012.

According to the CEO of Streit Group, Mister Goutorov, the Scorpion MRAP vehicle has been designed to offer a high level of protection featuring a distinctive modular design with a monocoque V-hull armored compartment and, crucially, an engine and suspension system that is independently fixed from that of the crew cabin.

The layout of the Streit Group Scorpion MRAP is standard, with the power pack at the front, a four-door armored compartment in the middle, and a cargo area at the rear. The V-shaped monocoque composite-steel hull of the Scorpion MRAP Streit Group is designed to withstand a 10kg blast. The floor of the Scorpion provides a protection STANAG 4569 Level 2+. In option, the vehicle can be fitted with add-on armor. It has a crew of two including a driver and a commander located at the front of the hull and the rear part can accommodate up to four 4 soldiers or security officers.

The Streit Group Scorpion 4×4 MRAP is motorized with a Cummins 6 Cylinders ISBE 6.7L engine developing 300 hp at 1,500 rpm. The Scorpion can run at a maximum road speed of 110 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 800 km. The Scorpion can climb a gradient of 60% and a side slope of 40%. The vehicle can cross a river with a maximum depth of 1.5 m.

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